Viable Software provides customizable applications for commercial and government entities. Using modern software industry standards, these applications were designed to be modular, reusable, and robust. By applying agile techniques, our customers are given a custom product that can be easily improved to meet future business demands.

Viable PaaS Framework

The Viable PaaS Framework is a combination of all re-usable, custom features developed from all our clients. The framework offers the following: Registration, login authorization, online credit card transactions, security layers, encryption, email notifications, user error checking, reminders, reservation maker, custom calendars, business registration, QR code generators and readers, automated text messaging and emailing, barcode scanners, and administrator controls. The framework is an abstraction of generic functionality built through Object Oriented design techniques including architectural modeling, component frameworks, GRASP, and design patterns. The framework is agnostic of each client application. Its robust design was developed using proven and tested techniques. By re-using existing functionality, future projects save money on custom development.

Calendar Reservation System

This video is a demo of our calendar reservation system that was customly developed for our client. It is live and hosted through Viable Software. Email to request a demo.

Message Center, Event Check-in, and Scheduler

Above is a Message Center, Event Check-In, and Scheduler Video Demo. This custom programmed software was delivered to a previous client. Areas are grayed out to protect PII.

QR Scanner Reader Functionality

Click below for a QR Scanner demo on your browser’s device. We can integrate barcode and QR scanners into business applications.