Viable Software provides custom computer programming services. Our staff has over 50 years of experience programming custom desktop applications, mobile apps, and websites.


Programming and Design

Viable Software, LLC has professional experience developing on RHEL, Debian, Windows, and Mac OS X operating systems. Customer applications have been developed in IDEs such as Eclipse, Visual Studios, Netbeans, and QtCreator.

Software Programs
  • Apache
  • Nginx
  • Tomcat
  • MySQL
  • Linux
  • Postgres
  • WordPress
  • Divi
  • Eclipse
  • Netbeans
  • QtCreator
  • Java Spring
  • Thymeleaf
  • Spring MVC
  • Visual Studios
Operating Systems
  • Linux
  • Windows
  • Mac OS X
  • Java
  • C++
  • Qt
  • PHP
  • C
  • C#
  • Python
  • JavaScript
  • HTML
  • CSS
  • Coding standards
  • Object-oriented concepts, classes, interfaces, types, and roles
Design and Development
  • Implement computer system software in accordance with approved software design documents for inclusion into commercial products
  • Software and system modeling
  • System architecture
  • System design
  • Enterprise architecture
  • Design patterns
  • Data flow and UML diagrams
  • Object modeling
  • Test harness

Documentation and Testing

  • Write a clear, concise requirement specification
  • SRS documents
  • SBIR documents
  • SDD documents
  • Installation instructions
  • Document design specifications
  • Design documentation support
  • GBD
  • QtTest
  • JUnit
  • Selenium
  • Linux Auto Mouse Click
  • IDE Profilers
  • TDD
  • Simulation development and testing services
  • Analyze system model including context, behavioral, data, object, and structred models
  • System Analysis Skills
  • Ability to differentiate between application, driver, hardware, interface, network, or administration issues. We will get to the root cause of the problem and solve it for you.

Viable Software, LLC applies Test Driven Development solutions using the Extreme Programming Agile Development Framework.