About Us

Viable Software, LLC is a small business that provides custom computer programming for websites, mobile apps, desktop applications etc.

About Us

About Us

As a small business, Viable Software, LLC offers knowledge of practical application software science and technology. Applying principles, techniques, procedures and equipment to the design and production of various goods and services. Logic and reasoning identifies the strengths and weaknesses of alternative solutions, conclusions or approaches to problems. The team analyzes users’ needs and software requirements to determine design within time and cost. Our team talent considers the relative costs and potential actions to choose. Our services include:

IT Experts

Years Of Cumulative Experience

Satisfied Clients


Why choose us

Viable Software, LLC can provide professional software development products to suite your business needs. Our team offers software development contracting. Viable Software. LLC has knowledge of design techniques, tools, and principles involved in production of precision technical plans, drawings, models, implementation, and advanced testing techniques.

Custom Computer Programs

Website Development and Hosting

Excellent Customer Service

Beautiful Website Designs

Affordable Prices

Automated Testing

Why waste time manually testing your new application when it can be automated? Worried your application or website may malfunction after a computer update? Viable Software, LLC provides solutions for automated testing. Just double click a desktop icon, and have all your application features tested out automatically! Automated testing framework provide automated button clicks, simulated keyboard presses, email sending etc. We can automate testing for your entire application! Save your company some time through automated testing.

Computer Programming

Our team has advanced degrees in Computer Science and Software Engineering. We have the skills to deliver quality software products to serve your needs.

Cyber Security

Viable Software provides security to meet your system needs. Security support for authentication and authorization. Protection against cross site forgery, clickjacking, session fixation etc.

Data Backup and Recovery

Disk failure? Shoot.

Computer won’t turn on? Double shoot.

I broke the program and I can’t fix it!

Ever feel anxious and worried after a computer failure? I have.

Don’t worry. Viable Software, LLC provides backups of your data so you don’t need to worry. In the event of a computer failure, we can restore your system to normal functionality.

Linux, Windows, Mac OS X

Viable Software, LLC provides support for Linux, Windows, and Mac OS X operating systems. From hardware installation, operating system installation, network configuration, application installation, custom development etc. We do it all from start to finish to best serve your needs.

Software Design

We provide solutions for large scale systems using modern, industry standard enterprise architecture systems. Systems are built with advanced Object Oriented design techniques, such as architectural modeling, component frameworks, and design patterns.

Website Development and Hosting

We offer both web hosting and development; which is very rare. Most companies provide just hosting and then you’ll need to hire a web developer too; thus, dealing with 2 different businesses. Viable Software, LLC will host your website and develop it for you. We’re a one stop shop for your website serving all of its needs.

Customer Goal Oriented

As a business, maintaining a healthy working relationship with the customer is paramount.

  • Establish and maintain cooperative relationships with representatives of community, consumer, employee, or public interest groups.
  • Services aim for a high ROI for the customer.
  • Developing, designing, or creating new applications, ideas, relationships, systems, or products.
  • Check to ensure that appropriate changes were made to resolve customers’ problems.


The team presents strong leadership and inter-personal skills. The team works with managers, supervisors, and others, to resolve
technical problems.

  • Observing, receiving, and otherwise obtaining information
    from all relevant sources.
  • Provide input to daily operations of team, analyzing
    workflow, establishing priorities, and discussing standards.
  • The ability to apply general rules to specific problems to
    produce answers that make sense.


It is important to communicate with staff or clients to understand specific system requirements. Viable Software, LLC has knowledge of principles and processes for providing customer and personal services. This includes customer needs assessment, meeting quality standards for services, and evaluation of customer satisfaction. Our primary goal is to meet customer demands by applying software development, consulting, and system services.

Skill Based Reward System

The skill based reward system provides individuals motivation to be successful and further develop their career. To help our employees be productive and happy, the company pays each of their employees their hourly rate after subtracting internal business expenses. All employees contribute the same percentage of their pay to internal business expenses, such as rent, hardware expenses, taxes etc. Internally, we want each employee to understand that they will be fully rewarded for their work. Unlike traditional companies, profits are not rewarded to CEOs or owners. The contracting individual receives the profits. This philosophy leads to higher productivity, employee happiness, and increases the velocity of money within the economy. As a result, customers enjoy working with productive employees that elevate the project’s success.

Below is an abstract taken from “Employee Wellbeing, Productivity, and Firm Performance (Krekel)”

Does higher employee wellbeing lead to higher productivity, and, ultimately, to tangible benefits to the bottom line of businesses? We survey the evidence and study this question in a meta-analysis of 339 independent research studies, including the wellbeing of 1,882,131 employees and the performance of 82,248 business units, originating from 230 independent organisations across 49 industries in the Gallup client database. We find a significant, strong positive correlation between employees’ satisfaction with their company and employee productivity and customer loyalty, and a strong negative correlation with staff turnover (Krekel).

Christian Krekel, George Ward, Jan-Emmanuel De Neve. Research Papers. March 2019. Employee Wellbeing, Productivity, and Firm Performance. Long School of Economics. MIT Sloan. Saïd Business School, University of Oxford. http://eureka.sbs.ox.ac.uk/7348/1/2019-04.pdf

Employee Wellbeing, Productivity, and Firm Performance

Click below to download the full PDF.

Alex Myers

Alex Myers

Founder of Viable Software, LLC, Software Engineer

Mr. Myers founded Viable Software, LLC in 2017 with the intention of delivering quality software products and services. Mr. Myers holds advanced degrees in Computer Science and Software Engineering with over 15 years of experience in the software development field. He takes pride in providing expert service while creating positive experiences with all customers. Through the company’s unique Skill Based Reward System, team members are actively engaged in their work and motivated to deliver high quality results. We are an owner, open salary business (Owner AGI information is shared with all co-workers). Viable Software, LLC’s main goal with each customer is to provide them a high ROI.

Robyn Myers

Robyn Myers

Website Designer

Mrs. Myers develops and designs websites for small businesses. She also has five years of experience working as IT customer service representative. Mrs. Myers works with customers helping them achieve their goals to reach their prospective audience.

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