About Us

Viable Software creates custom software systems for businesses. We provide solutions for websites, mobile apps, desktop applications, and cloud environments.

About Us

About Us

Viable Software applies knowledge of software science and technology. The team analyzes users’ needs and software requirements to determine design within time and cost. Our services include:


Why choose us

We are a B2B aimed to improve your business model. Viable Software’s solutions address the special needs for your business. Our ERP solutions eliminate repetitive tasks, and scale to meet future business demands.

Customer Goal Oriented

Cost Effective Solutions

Customer Support Services

Beautiful Application Designs

Computer Programming

Our team has advanced degrees in Computer Science and Software Engineering. We have the skills to deliver quality software products.

Cyber Security

Viable Software provides security to meet your system needs. Our programs against cross site forgery, clickjacking, session fixation, multiple password failures, IP rejection, encrypted devices, and more.

Data Backup and Recovery

Viable Software provides backups of your data so you don’t need to worry. Data is continuously backed up to the cloud and our fault tolerant design ensures a constant up time.

Software Design

We provide solutions for large scale systems using modern, industry standard enterprise architecture systems.

Skill Based Reward Strategy

Viable Software’s skill based reward system motivates workers to be successful within our organization. Our open owner salary and expense strategy ensures our employees are fully rewarded for their work. Unlike traditional companies, profits are not rewarded to CEOs or owners, but the employees that make the impact receive the profits. This philosophy leads to higher productivity, employee happiness, and ensures customer requirements are met or exceeded.


Below is an abstract taken from “Employee Wellbeing, Productivity, and Firm Performance (Krekel)”

Does higher employee wellbeing lead to higher productivity, and, ultimately, to tangible benefits to the bottom line of businesses? We survey the evidence and study this question in a meta-analysis of 339 independent research studies, including the wellbeing of 1,882,131 employees and the performance of 82,248 business units, originating from 230 independent organisations across 49 industries in the Gallup client database. We find a significant, strong positive correlation between employees’ satisfaction with their company and employee productivity and customer loyalty, and a strong negative correlation with staff turnover (Krekel).

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Employee Wellbeing, Productivity, and Firm Performance

Alex Myers

Alex Myers

Software Engineer

Mr. Myers founded Viable Software, LLC in 2017 with the intention of providing practical software products and services.

Mr. Myers holds advanced degrees in Computer Science and Software Engineering. He has over 15 years of experience in the software development field. He takes pride in providing expert service while creating positive experiences with all customers. Viable Software is a B2B focused on meeting your demands and goals through software.